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Yucando – Powerful. Motivational. Messenger

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Yucando – growth messenger for your family.

Yucando – a revolutionary new product that helps you run your family through encouragement.

With Yucando  you can:

Create and delegate tasks, habits and goals

Say “Good morning” using amazing social alarm feature

 Share and know precise location of every person in the family

Schedule and assign effective video reminders


Fuel kids motivation by encouragement via video, audio, images and text 

Visualize goals with simple progress graphs


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Key Takeaways

  • The idea of FAMILY HUB “born” in 2012 when Alex Podbrezsky realized that there needs to be a modern way to help families to thrive and keep things done
  • FAMILY HUB allows families to encourage, remind, create and delegate tasks and get things done by positive motivation
  • FAMILY HUB can be easily operated by apps on any iOS or Android-enabled smartphone
  • FAMILY HUB features additional apps for Apple TV and Amazon Alexa
  • FAMILY HUB helps kids to visualise and reach their goals
  • FAMILY HUB helps parents to not be overwhelmed with parenting

Not just messenger, but an Information Hub

works on Smart TV / Apple TV / Amazon Fire / Google Chromecast / Roku / Raspberry Pi and others


TV App animation


Introducing FAMILY HUB – 20 sec.

FAMILY HUB Kickstarter Video – 2 min.


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