Do kids drive you crazy ?

It is payback time! Get your family back under Your control

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Less of this…

And more of this 🙂

No nagging

That surely makes us happier parents. No more arguments. You win. Every time!

Kids behave

Oh yeah. Now you have the right tool to make these rascals behave. Lovingly of course 😉

Stuff done

Not only done – they will beg you to give them more work!

Does it really work ?

  • FamilyWe tried points/rewards method on paper before. Our son was happy he had a say in what he gets and what he does – it’s communication ! That’s why it works.

    Kate, mum of 3 lively kids

  • FamilyWe also tried the paper method in a special notebook. It did work! But later kids tried to rig the game by tampering with notebook. I am so ready for this app. Bring on the peer pressure and competition for completing chores !

    Alya, mum of 3 super-charged kids

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No more nagging or arguments

Do chores = succeed in life. Our goal is to help you drive this one home.


You know this part right ? In order to complete the task… well you have to do it…


Satisfaction of completed tasks is not cutting it any more? Let there be points !


Points just ask for rewards. This is the sweetest part. Reward can be a pleasant surprise !

Treasure chest

Keep your earned points safe. Away from siblings. You will need these coins to get the rewards


O’hana means family. And family means noone is left out. Everyone has something to do to keep it running 🙂


People can’t live without something to strive for. Let there be goals! Look back on what you have achieved

But wait, there is more…

Just having rewards system doesn’t cut it for the family.

We will be announcing additional features only to select audience


For parents, by parents

Each feature crafted carefully ♥ keeping in mind busy parents (for maximum impact)

A word from the creators

Dear parent,

Our families have 2 high energy kids on average. Sometimes getting on with all of them is a real challenge.

Finally (doh!) we realised that doing tasks should be fun and turned routine into a paper game. To our surprise it worked. Other parents who tried this method – also confirmed it worked for them too !

To help ourselves and others we decided to turn this into an app and even more -into positive parenting approach.
We’re passionate about positive parenting because it changed the way we operate as a family.

Join us on a journey to help parents transform parenting forever.

Help us to bring the way of sanity into your hands !

Meet the team

We got to the point of crazy, so we can’t wait for the launch ourselves…


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